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Our Coffee

As our cafe and juice bar has grown and evolved, so too has our coffee. We are forever learning and mastering each and every aspect that goes in to making our coffee taste great. From selecting the perfect blend, to getting the grind just right, to extracting the espresso and foaming the milk; it is our passion to serve you the coffee you deserve.

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Coffee options


Single Espresso               Double Espresso                                          Americano

Espresso Macchiato       Double Espresso Macchiato

Soya Latte                        Soya Cappuccino                                       Soya Mocha

Soya Flat White               Soya Iced Latte

Coconut Latte                 Coconut Cappuccino                          Coconut Mocha

Coconut Flat White        Coconut Iced Latte

Oat Latte                          Oat Cappuccino                                            Oat Mocha

Oat Flat White                 Oat Iced Latte

Almond Latte                   Almond Cappuccino                          Almond Mocha

Almond Flat White           Almond Iced Latte


Why do we think drinking plant based milk is sustainable? click below to find out more: